National Organ Donor Day

National Organ Donor Day encourages people to sign up to donate their organs. It may save a life.

Sure, it is uncomfortable to think of our own death, especially an early one. But, if it was to happen, you could save other lives . So, please consider seriously signing up to donate your organs and tissue.

Most deceased organ donations are anonymous. Donated organs and tissues from deceased donors are provided to patients based on need, blood type, genetic match and other factors.

You can choose to donate all of your organs and tissues – or simply select specific ones.

If you were gravely ill, your doctor’s first priority would be to save your life. Organ donation is only considered after all attempts to save your life have been made.

At the time a decision is being made, your medical history would be discussed with your family, and your organs tested. Donated organs that are not suitable for transplant may be used for scientific and other medical purposes.